Leadership Development

Brookwoods recognizes the importance of recruiting and developing staff leadership. There is no short approach to leadership development and considerable time and effort must be given to the development of a sound program.

The Brookwoods Leadership Development Program centers around co-ed groups, ages 17-18, with careful attention given to personal growth and skill development. Program activities include backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, solo, marathon running, group discussions and dynamics, Bible study and debriefing. Actual experience, insight, and instruction in all these activities are a major part of the program.

It is our belief that through challenging and stressful experiences in the wilderness, individuals are able to mature and expand their development as a total person. It is through these group activities that individuals are made aware of the need for cooperation of all members of the group to succeed as a group. Individuals are helped to realize personal responsibility as members of the group and to the Body of Christ. Each person comes to realize the frailty of man and his constant need for God.

The validity of the Brookwoods approach to Christian camping is found in the host of campers who have found the challenge and excitement of God’s great wilderness with enthusiastic Christian leadership at our camps. Seldom do campers return from involvement at camp without a dynamic impact of Jesus Christ in their personal lifestyle and life value system. The results are eternal.

Those interested in this program should call the camp office at 603 875 3600.